columbian Painting Girgio Ermes Celin
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Girgio Ermes Celin
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October 20, 2022
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Giorgio Ermes Celin's nostalgic and evocative paintings

A visual voyage through imagination queerness and intersectionality; the touching work of painter Giorgio Celin.

Columbian artist Giorgio Celin, now based in Barcelona, offers a singular vision of the world surrounding him. Bodies and landscapes topped with memorabilia convey a nostalgic character to his work. Evocative, mysterious, and colorful. Diverse and life-filled bodies portrayed in embrace or intimate moments.

Intimacy is one of the artist's explorations and is a recurring theme in his work. He was heavily inspired by experiences and feelings past and present, an introspection. Feeling and emotions are so perfectly depicted that it manages to touch their audience and provoke evocative thoughts, a true force in Celin's work.

He often addresses his different battles and struggles, especially when starting as an artist. Noticeably with his origins and community as a Latinx and queer individual, he aims to push a conversation and offer visual representation as a means against mainstream imagery and representation. And wants to provide another perspective on the community. He is showing more complex and nuanced stories and reclaiming the narratives.

In order to do so, he imagines moments heavily inspired by reality but always giving a sense of abstraction and fantasy - and making his work delicately balanced between actuality and imagination.
Life stories and experiences are told through ethereal and evocative imagery.

An approach seducing big names as he has already worked with Valentino on the reinterpretation of the one stud bag. Thus associating the immigrant narrative with high fashion, burning bridges once more, and asserting his name in high fashion.

Representative work that is more than essential and empowering for the community. Giorgio Celin is a young artist you should keep an eye on as he continues to surprise and push boundaries with his striking paintings!


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