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José Rojas
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May 13, 2022
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The queer extravagance of José Rojas’ illustrations

Colorful, fashionable, and unabashedly queer are the creatures coming alive under José Rojas’s digital brush. Discover his quirky and powerful illustrations.

It took a one-way ticket to Germany for José Rojas to discover his queerness. Moving to Potsdam to major in Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences, the interdisciplinary artist learned and unlearnt a lot through his displacement.

His gayness and Mexican cultural heritage became a primary source of inspiration for his creations, coming in various mediums. Through film, photography, animation, and illustration, he creates a world full of queer joy and humor. With his iPad, he draws characters in an impressive range of styles, yet with an always recognizable touch.

Drawing inspiration from pop culture, cartoons, and fashion photography, his illustrations craft a universe representative of the diversity of the queer community. Theatrical and fabulous, their outfits are always on point, due to Rojas’s interest in fashion and art history.

Currently working freelance in Berlin, José Rojas has a wide range of projects going on. Apart from the time he spends drawing with his tablet, he has been directing and producing several short films and working on the set of others. From dystopias to queer romances, his range of styles translates into his range of creations.

If drawing first serves Rojas as a way to give a tangible form to his thoughts and to meditate, he intends to get more political through his work, seeing art’s potential to effect social changes. Scroll down below to discover some of his creations.


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