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Rose Schmits
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March 6, 2024
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Rose Schmits On Crafting Trans Experience

The art world is a place where concepts, emotions, and societal narratives intertwine, giving voice to perspectives that might otherwise go unheard. In the field of ceramics, Rose Schmits explores themes of trans experience, transformation and autonomy. Originally from the Dutch pottery town of Delft, Schmits finds inspiration in the rich history of ceramics, infusing her work with a contemporary twist that challenges conventional perceptions.

Schmits' artwork revolves around the idea of pots being symbolic of the human body. This concept has its roots in mythology and naming conventions and serves as the foundation of her artistic practice. What makes her work stand out is her perspective as a trans artist, which gives it a profound and interesting depth.

Schmits’s « Crawler Pots collection », is quite captivating. These pots are decorated with appendages that resemble tentacles or crab legs, giving them a sense of otherworldly vitality. They are crafted from porcelain and glazed with turquoise shades, which makes them look as if they are pulsating with life, defying the conventional static nature of pottery. Rather than being inert objects, they exude a dynamic presence, as if caught in perpetual motion. Schmits deliberately fills them with a sense of life during the creation process, allowing the porcelain appendages to move and take shape organically within a thermally insulated chamber. The result is a series of pots that challenge viewers to engage with them, acknowledging their autonomy and demanding respect for their fragile yet lively forms.

For Schmits, the Crawler Pots represent more than just a departure from convention; they embody the essence of transness. Through their transformative qualities and subversion of traditional norms, these vessels serve as a metaphor for the trans experience. Like transitioning bodies, they defy categorization and demand to be seen on their own terms.

In embracing the concept of body horror, Schmits finds a source of empowerment. Drawing parallels with iconic films such as "The Fly" and the "Alien" franchise, she celebrates the transformative potential of trans bodies, challenging societal perceptions of monstrosity and desirability. In a world where trans bodies are often marginalized and stigmatized, Schmits' work serves as a powerful testament to the beauty and resilience of the trans experience.

Through her work, Schmits invites viewers to confront their preconceptions and embrace the beauty of transformation. By challenging the boundaries of what is considered normal or desirable, she encourages us to celebrate the diversity of human experience. In a society that too often seeks to impose rigid definitions of gender and identity.


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