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Alfredo Aceto
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June 24, 2024
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Alfredo Aceto’s Exhibition "Full Moon Sergio" at CIRCUIT, Lausanne: A Journey Through Contrasting Narratives

CIRCUIT Art Center in Lausanne is currently hosting an exhibition by Alfredo Aceto titled "Full Moon Sergio." This multifaceted exhibition weaves together diverse narratives, provoking a deep commentary on capitalism, gender, and the evolution of global industries.

At the heart of "Full Moon Sergio" lies the juxtaposition of various historical and personal stories. Alfredo Aceto draws upon the life of Sergio Marchionne, a pivotal figure in the automotive industry known for orchestrating the merger between Fiat and Chrysler. Marchionne's lifestyle and professional journey provide a backdrop for Aceto's exploration of capitalist structures. For a year, Aceto performed an unusual homage by washing clothes similar to those worn by Marchionne at laundromats near his residences. This act symbolizes a deep dive into the daily life and global influence of a prominent capitalist figure. 

Simultaneously, Aceto integrates his interest in the Cucuteni-Trypillia culture, a matriarchal society from whose statuary it has been deduced that arms were a gender-related element. Women, destined for a more intellectual and decision-making role, were thus depicted without upper limbs. This historical reference spans across centuries, providing a critique of gender roles and power dynamics across different eras. 

The exhibition opens with an installation featuring sweaters, their sleeves removed, displayed alongside a mural painting that reimagines the missing sleeves. This creates a visual commentary on gender by transforming a typically neutral object into a symbol with deeper meanings. The exhibition also includes photographs depicting the masculine environments of hotel gyms, complete with sports equipment and other related items such as locker room padlocks. This setting explores the intersection of business travel, masculinity, and the physical spaces that embody these themes. 

The "Diamonds" bronze sculptures are inspired by sanding discs meeting intimate objects, introducing an element of playful irony within the context of masculine symbolism. These sculptures, along with the diverse narratives they encapsulate, embody the exhibition's critique of capitalism and gender roles. 

Aceto draws an analogy between the industrial system and the art economy by showcasing representative items from galleries he collaborates with internationally. Each gallery is symbolized by various objects reflecting its cultural origins, such as an ancient Chinese lamp or a mermaid tail for the Danish gallery. These representations subtly critique the dynamics of the global art market and its relationship with local cultures. 

A collage video featuring a duck walking on a treadmill to the tune of a Michael Jackson song, projected onto a parrot-themed wallpaper, adds another layer of complexity. This piece connects to the historical intersection of art and politics in the village where Marchionne resided, further enriching the exhibition's narrative tapestry. 

In our interview with Aceto, he reveals his process, rooted in extensive economic studies of Marchionne and a thorough narrative construction through writing. His work is driven by a fascination with controversial figures who embody the power structures he critiques. Aceto's artistic approach is diverse, encompassing video, textile, fiberglass sculpture, and photography, all chosen to best convey his narrative. 

Aceto's work often grapples with themes of the body and gender, reflecting an obsessive engagement with specific places and people. His art challenges traditional norms and categories, offering a queer perspective that defies binary thinking. By focusing on the narrative rather than adhering strictly to queer iconography, Aceto's work transcends simple categorization. 

"Full Moon Sergio" is an exhibition that invites viewers to see beyond a single perspective. This exhibition runs until July 27, 2024, at CIRCUIT in Lausanne, offering a rich exploration of themes that challenge our understanding of gender, capitalism, and cultural heritage. 

Aceto’s exhibition is a testament to his ability to intertwine personal obsessions with broader societal critiques, creating a compelling and thought-provoking experience. 

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