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Bérangère Fromont
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April 10, 2024
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Bérangère Fromont: Redefining Lesbian Love through art

Bérangère Fromont is a photographer who captures the essence of lesbian love. We wanted to focus on her 2022 book project titled "L'amour seul brisera nos cœurs" (Love Alone Will Break Our Hearts). This project, accompanied by poetic texts, including two previously unpublished pieces by Élodie Petit is not just a book but a poetic representation of lesbian relationship.

In the footsteps of iconic works like "Eye to Eye" by American lesbian photographer JEB, released in 2020, "L'amour seul brisera nos cœurs" serves as an archive of our memories, our imaginations, and our dreams for the future. Fromont celebrates lesbian identities, inviting us to encounter a space where queers build their homes.

This book is a piece of art on its own. Each copy is handcrafted, numbered, and signed, which embodies a radical departure from the conventional publishing model. The deliberate choice paper and unique page layouts reflect the coherence between form and content, inviting readers to engage physically with the work like a metaphor for the careful handling and investment required in love itself.

The decision to focus on representations of lesbian love stems from Fromont's personal and political convictions. Feeling a void in cultural representations of lesbian identities, she felt compelled to fill it. Reflecting on her own adolescence, marked by a lack of positive queer representations, Fromont felt frustration in her youth by a heteronormative society devoid of affirming role models.

Against the backdrop of a society increasingly fascinated by queer culture, Fromont underscores the importance of self-representation. Rejecting voyeuristic portrayals by outsiders, she asserts the need for authentic, self-directed narratives. Drawing inspiration from pioneering artists like Tee Corinne, Fromont champions a photography that empowers its subjects, allowing their free will and equality in creating these images.

Rejecting traditional power dynamics inherent in documentary photography, she co-creates with her subjects, honoring their autonomy and perspectives. Through an open call on social media, she invites individuals identifying as lesbians to participate, against the lack of diversity resulting from the inherent limitations of such outreach.

In contemplating the notion of the lesbian gaze, Fromont acknowledges its complexity and political significance. She recognizes the diversity of lesbian experiences and perspectives, emphasizing the inherently political nature of her own gaze. Through her work, she hopes to provide a space of recognition and affirmation for her audience.

Ultimately, "L'amour seul brisera nos cœurs" is an invitation to dwell in the beauty of lesbian love, to challenge existing narratives, and to reclaim spaces that have long been denied. Through her book, Bérangère Fromont creates a space to discuss and acknowledge love in all its forms. 


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