Les Fileuses Élie Autin Vidya Gastaldon Contemporary Art
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Élie Autin and Vidya Gastaldon
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August 14, 2023
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Stepping into the immersive realm of "Les Fileuses"

Art has always been a profound means through which humanity examines the intricate facets of existence, ignites contemplation, and defies the boundaries of the established norms. It is what we experienced at the exhibition "Les Fileuses" at the CIRCUIT Centre d’art contemporain in Lausanne.

The convergence of artistic prowess within this exhibition captivate the senses and stimulate intellectual exploration."Les Fileuses" stands as an alluring confluence of artistic expressions, uniting the visionary works of Élie Autin and Vidya Gastaldon, amplified by the sound performance by Nathalie Rebholz.

Stepping into the immersive realm of "Les Fileuses" invited visitors into an environment where artistic boundaries dissolve and conventions are challenged. The exhibition functions as a portal to a universe where time, space, and societal norms are transcended, leaving spectators spellbound by the visceral experiences that unfold.

Élie Autin curates an installation that delves deep into the essence of Bacchus, the god of wine, fertility, and ecstasy. Drawing inspiration from Bacchic narratives and personal stories, Elie's ethereal images beckon viewers into a realm of contemplation, shedding light on the concept of protection and its profound resonance in our lives. Her installation becomes a conduit between myth and personal journey, inviting introspection and dialogue.

In her creative odyssey, Vidya Gastaldon challenge societal constructs by reinterpreting biblical personas and natural forces with an avant-garde flair. Her art transcends the limitations of conventional representation, breathing life into the living world as an extension of both the corporeal form and conscious awareness. A compelling addition to her artistic repertoire, Gastaldon introduces a new dimension through a Kashmiri yoga practice, welcoming all seekers to partake in this transformative journey.

The narratives spun by Autin and Gastaldon interweave, each contributing a distinct thread to the intricate tapestry of human creativity. We traversed the exhibition and they embarked us on a quest of exploration, reflection, and immersion, guided by the unique artistic perspectives that constitute "Les Fileuses."

© David Gagnebin-de BonsCIRCUIT Centre d'art contemporain, LausanneCourtesy Wilde Gallery [for the images including works by Vidya Gastaldon]


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