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Helias Doulis
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August 31, 2022
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Reinventing male nudes with Helias Doulis

Young photographer / filmmaker Helias Doulis based between London and Athens, takes captivating shots, and captures very intimate moments.
His work often engraved with deep meaning and symbolism mainly focuses on the male body and perception. Addressing questions of love, sexuality, and desire.
After completing his writing and film studies in 2015 in the United Kingdom, Helias Doulis returned to Greece.  There he continued to make films and particularly explored photography.
Attracted by nudity and sexuality, Doulis honors them through various ancient symbolics and / or pornographic references. Especially inspired by erotic photography, he stages queer bodies and offers a homoerotic representation hitherto often taboo.
Showing sensitivity in male bodies, he tries to undo the marks of patriarchy and creates captivating and vulnerable images. Somewhat unreal or utopian his visuals transport its viewer and are always profoundly evocative and questioning. Often illustrating the otherness or minorities, his work is essential and offers a unique vision and dais. Featuring queer culture and spaces he captures discreet and hidden communities.
After several intimate and personal series on at times, complex subjects, the young artist turns to editorials and carries out several big-name campaigns. In the latter, he remains faithful to his universe and injects queer and personal references. In addition to photography, he shoots films all over Europe and releases more personal projects such as his short film, «The Beauty of Stigma» and his zine project «Pale Blue Nostalgia».
Doulis, an astounding photographer and filmmaker, remains an artist to observe and we look forward to following his work in the future!

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