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Alannah Farrell
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July 11, 2024
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Alannah Farrell's Paintings of Queer Lives

Alannah Farrell, a queer, trans-identifying artist from New York, creates evocative paintings that celebrate and explore queer identities. Farrell’s path to recognition has been diverse, marked by roles such as babysitter, cashier, model, and dungeon domme, before their first show at The Painting Center in New York.

Deeply rooted in New York City's LGBTQ+ community, Farrell captures the fluidity and intimacy of queer bodies in their art. Their paintings blend rich, dark and soft pastels, reflecting the multifaceted layers of their subjects' identities. These works challenge the limited and stereotypical representations of trans bodies in mainstream media, offering a more inclusive and authentic portrayal.

They are fascinated by the fluidity of bodies, longing for society to approach bodily changes with curiosity and celebration rather than fear. Transformation is a constant theme in Farrell’s art, often working with the same subjects over multiple paintings to depict their evolving identities and relationships.

Personal experiences and a broader understanding of the diversity within the trans community drive their portrayal of trans bodies. Farrell emphasizes the shared experiences of body dysphoria and self-perception that transcend gender identities.

They’re artworks feature a palette dominated by dark shades and pastels, reflecting their personal journey and emotional state during significant change. The combination of light pastels and somber colors mirrors the dualities of joy and pain, change and stability in both Farrell’s life and their subjects’ lives.

The emotional intensity in Farrell's work often conveys feelings of frustration, fear, love, resistance, and transcendence. They aim to create images that have a positive and authentic resonance while being mindful of their impact on their subjects.

While Farrell’s audience is currently majority cisgender, they hope their work fosters understanding and empathy towards the LGBTQ+ community. Their studio is envisioned as a safe space where authenticity and vulnerability are celebrated.

Reflecting on their own queer identity, Farrell recounts moments of clarity from childhood, shaped by a lack of language to describe non-binary identities and a creative household that allowed for exploration. These experiences laid the foundation for their artistic expression and understanding of gender fluidity. Alannah Farrell offers a rich representation that speaks to the complexities of queer life. 


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