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September 16, 2021
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When Queer Bodies Meet Architecture: Let Us Introduce Abdulsalam Ajaj

Ever been at the meeting point between architecture and body positivity? Abdulsalam Ajaj takes us there.

This Berlin-based Syrian photographer is a little gem we would like to introduce you to, because of his photography creations combining bodies and urban design.

'I like to experiment and I’m not afraid to follow unorthodox methods to achieve new results. For the past three years, my aesthetic has been focused on body positivity and performance art with a mix of architecture.'

Forming a balance between life and inanimate structures, this mix of shapes and depths leads to a breath-taking result, making you want to discover more.

Abdulsalam was also featured in 'Literarische Diverse Verlag', a publishing house giving space to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ projects. On top of that, he held an exhibition called 'Naked Berlin', which this picture is taken from.

The exhibition was crafted for the 'IQMF Amsterdam', a film festival on sexual diversity in queer and migrant communities. 'Naked Berlin' raised 'the question of the freedom of expression of naked bodies in our society. Naked Berlin is an attempt to reclaim public spaces for queer people.'

We cannot wait to discover Abdulsalam's next exhibition!

Photo credits: Abdulsalam Ajaj


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