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August 26, 2021
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‘Transgalactic’: When ‘The Eyes’ Gives carte blanche to SMITH and Nadège Piton

The Eyes is a French-English bilingual magazine that explores and celebrates photography in all its forms. Their 11th issue, ‘Transgalactic’, centers around the questions of gender and trans identities.

It features photos, essays and interviews produced by artists from all around the world. Amongst the artists featured, we can name Juliana Huxtable, Cassils, Gabriel Garcia Roman and Parker Day. You can see some examples of their work in the photo gallery down below.

‘The Eyes’ invited French artist-researcher SMITH and performer Nadège Piton to select trans and/or queer artists who inspired them. The result is a fascinating journey into the transgalaxy.

You can order ‘Transgalactic’ on their website!

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