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December 29, 2021
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The Beautiful, Hyper-detailed, Feminist Ceramics Of Juli About

Full disclosure, we thought white ceramics were only dated, old-fashioned tea sets and platters - something only grandmothers still have in their cupboards. Well, Juli About has changed our mind. White ceramic is a delicate, versatile and beautiful matter to express yourself.

Juli About is a French ceramic artist and, in our humble opinion, she is highly talented. Under her fingers, the ceramic is smoothed, molded and carefully sculpted to create all kinds of beautiful and detailed shapes.

Juli started out as a comedian, before turning to the jewelry scene (Artiste Occitanie, Mars 2019). It is there, learning to craft jewels, that she first became acquainted with ceramic. The beginning of a love story that would change her life.

Today, she is an accomplished ceramic artist, and she particularly likes to play with contrast. White ceramic is usually perceived as hard, stable, unmovable. Well, under Juli’s hand, the ceramic suddenly becomes fluid, supple, changing and flexible. It has texture, it has volume, and we desperately want to touch it to see if it really is soft or not.

Juli uses ceramic with a small percentage of paper, which allows her to create solid sculptures. For instance, in the ‘this is not a chair’ exhibition, she has crafted ceramic chair cushions. But, under her expert hands, the ceramic can also become hearts, hands, feet, underwear, and so many different objects, all adorned by minutious, beautiful details.

In November, she also posted a series of ceramics to denounce the violence inflicted on women. She has sculpted hearts, underwear and vulvas, addressing issues such as consent, the right to live or the necessity to break the silence and talk about taboos.

But enough talking, we will now let you admire her incredible work in peace!


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