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December 11, 2021
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Stephanie Rohr Is Cross-Stitching Her Way Straight To Feminism

We do love a nice cross-stitch pattern - yes, it seems to appear that the cliché on queer kids loving cross-stitch has some truth to it after all. But what we love even more is a nice cross-stitch pattern with feminist, ironic and very impolite messages. Which is exactly what Stephanie does.

Stephanie is an artist, teacher, actor, and musician in Chicago. Like many of us, she first learned to cross-stitch through mother and grandmother’s teachings. And she then promptly forgot about it, until she started looking for a fulfilling hobby.

Honestly, we are very grateful she came back to it, because she has since then released a pattern book called ‘Feminist Cross-Stitch: A Woman’s Place Is In The Revolution’. How awesome is that?

Her patterns mix traditional patterns, such as flowers or other decorative elements, with pop culture references and some rather impolite words. And we absolutely love it!  The book contains 40 gorgeous and fire patterns to show your feminism and display everywhere around your house - even in the bathroom, yes.

On top of that, you can also purchase her very own cross-stitched work of art, or individual patterns. Also, her work has been featured in influential media and journals, such as BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post or London Sunday Times!

But we will now stop rambling about cross-stitch and show you some of her work instead. Remember, if you like it, you can purchase her pattern book - or buy it for someone as a nice Christmas gift!

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