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December 14, 2021
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Sarah Epperson Is Drawing To Smash The Cis, White Patriarchy

We absolutely love stickers, t-shirts and pins with a message. If you are like us, chances are you are going to fall in love with Sarah’s colorful and bold creations.

Sarah Epperson, Los Angeles born and based, is a queer white feminist artist. And we love that she added ‘white’ in her bio - because, like with cis people adding pronouns in their bio, we do believe in normalizing white people admitting they are white. Do not get us wrong here: we are not talking about pretending to be better because someone is white. We are talking about deconstructing the representation of the white body as being ‘neutral’. We are talking about how white people need to stop being offended when someone tells them they are white. Yes, you are. It is a fact. And contrary to BIPOC folks, there is no systemic oppression linked to this fact. So get over it, already.

But back to Sarah. She is an illustrator and activist, and she uses her art to carry on point, funny and important messages. She draws in bold color, inspired by pop culture, to get her point across.

Among other things, she has tackled issues of transphobia, sexism, abortion rights and racism. She has also been encouraging people to vote. In fact, she has been a part of the Amplifier Foundation x Women’s March campaign, which promoted art by activists, in order to encourage people (and especially marginalized communities) to vote. She has also been vocal against police brutality and the need to defund police forces as well as I.C.E.

Lately, she has also made art about the global pandemic and the need to get vaccinated. Always with colorful, funny illustrations. And her stickers are just gorgeous: shiny, metallic, colorful and funny. It is everything we asked for (and more). Go get a look!

We have selected some of her best (in our opinion) work. Browse down the gallery below!

PS: it is Christmas time, so if you want to get someone (or yourself) a gift, we will add that Sarah donates 20% of the profits of each sale to super cool organizations! You can find all the info in the description of each product.

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