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September 23, 2021
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Protesting Against Homophobia Through Art: Slava Mogutin’s Photos

Slava Mogutin is a gay Russian artist and author who had to fight against Russia’s censorship.

The name ‘Slava’ means ‘glory’ in Russian, and Slava really does live up to his name: rising beyond the limits that homophobia tries to set, he chooses instead the glory of protesting through art!

After the censorship and silencing he has been under for so long, he is making his voice heard through his art, speaking for the whole LGBTQ+ community and not just himself.

‘I see my photography as a form of political activism and protest against systemic bigotry and censorship.’

Slava has been granted asylum in the US, following years of oppression and criminal investigation in Russia. Since then, his art truly flourished! Being known as the only openly gay figure in Russian media was an enormous burden, but it also came with resilience and self-confidence. Two elements that can definitely be seen in his photographs.

If you want to see more ways Slava’s art intersects with politics and how he explores the notion of transgression, you can check his work down below!

Photo credits: Slava Mogutin


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