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November 15, 2021
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Nathan Selighini Said Gender Is Over And We Are On Board

Photographer, makeup artist, model, stitcher, drawer and couturier, Nathan is one of these people who can do pretty much anything.

Many of us may fill our diaries with incoherent scratchings from past loves and solitary days. Nathan opts instead for snapshots to capture the moods that cross what we can only assume to be an effervescent mind.

The french, multi talented artist is not afraid to display their emotions while playing with yours. With make-up looks ranging from the disturbing to the downright depressive - but crucially never gratuitous - the message leaps through the screen to capture emotions to which words would not do justice.

Juxtaposing turn of the century vibes with a modern sensitivity for shock value and gender bending aspirations, Nathan only gets more captivating as you scroll, curiosity getting the best of you and throwing you into a wonderland populated by the artists friends and family a magical universe of characters, scary or comforting, disturbing or enthralling, but never dull, and never bound by anything as trivial as gender norms.

Browse down the gallery down below to discover some of their photographs - they are all autoportraits, entirely imagined, crafted and taken by them. And do not forget to give them a follow on Instagram to keep up with their many different projects - they recently took part in an embroidery performance and they are currently featured in an online exhibit on Injection, an organization promoting young artists.


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