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February 2, 2022
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‘Meat Market’ Is Putting The Fun In Thirst Traps

We should never underestimate the power of craftiness. After all, creators far and wide are just crafty people who have perfected their art. And when craft blends in with queer thirst traps, well who are we to resist?

Benji’s (also known as Meat Market on Instagram) approach is fairly simple: what if we brought monsters to life, in the cutest and most imaginative ways. Through design, paper crafts and collages, Benji manages to drag us, albeit completely willingly, into his magical world of fantasy. He is one of the only creators so far, whom we have found to strike the perfect balance between sensuality and comedy.

You just need to take a look at Benji’s timeline to see the whirlwind, almost whiplash inducing switches between genuine hotness and remarkable comedic sketches. And when they blend together, well all the better.

His approach to adding cartoon drawings or collages to what would be an ordinary, if extremely beautiful, gay thirst trap is novel and brings an edge to his art. Perhaps the future of this style of photography is not just men showing off their physique, but also showing off some papier maché googly eyes. From fish to cacti, and even smiley faces covering a Beji’s body, we can only keep looking.

If not for the images, then for the captions that provide a comedy all on their own. ‘Am I a bear yet?’ reads a photo of Benj with a cut out fish in his mouth. Come on, that got a chuckle from you. It did from us, and in this world where chuckles are hard to come by,  we simply have to share them with you.

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