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October 9, 2021
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Marie Boiseau Said All Bodies Are Good Bodies

Instagram floods our feeds with photos, videos and drawings of bodies that are deemed perfect according to our society standards. But Marie is having none of it.

Marie Boiseau is a young, French, freelance illustrator. Her main focus is on representing women, and she draws inspiration from colors, elements of nature and sexuality. She mostly uses gouache to produce colorful and touching paintings.

A lot of Marie’s illustrations are portraits of women. She pays extra attention to representing diversity in bodies: hair, stretch marks, fat, rolls and so on. And it feels so good to see bodies outside of social norms being represented in such vibrant colors!

She has also painted older women and we absolutely love it. Indeed, it is hard to find depictions of women over 50 in paintings and illustrations. Most artists, and especially men, have focused on representing younger women, who were more desirable in their eyes.

But women do not have an expiration date and they do not cease to exist when they get old. They deserve representation too. It is important that we fight off the idea that women are not worthy if they are neither young nor able to give birth. Illustrations might seem a small step, but it is an essential one. So thank you Marie!

Browse our gallery down below to discover more of her work!

Image credits: Marie Boiseau

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