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January 23, 2022
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Lenh Is Here and Queer And So Is Their (Fantastic) Art

If there are two things we cannot get enough of, it is pins and stickers. Honestly, we are running out of space, it is borderline worrisome. But we are nothing if not thorough and we know no collection would be complete without Lenh, a.k.a insomebetween, beautiful handmade designs.

Hailing from the tiny city of Groningen in the Netherlands, Lenh has had an experience we are way too familiar with these days. After a burn-out in their university days, this amazing artist decided they needed some ‘chill activities’ and then just went on to produce the most beautiful designs ever.

Using stories and poetry to improve their designs, Lenh has gone on to produce designs for everything from posters to zines. Designs that populate the ‘in some between’ shop, each more intriguing than the other.

Your simple, run of the mill buttons are one thing, but have you heard of buttons made out of birch tree bark? Can you imagine opening with that at your next gathering when asked about your extensive button collection? We certainly can and will be ordering 20 of those, thank you very much.

Because Lenh does not only care about the slogans, which are amazing by the way. They care about recycled materials, unique materials and beautiful stories to boot.

And we have not gotten to the most thoughtful part yet. If you were to head to insomebetween.com, which you definitely should, you will see Lenh’s amazing approach to pricing:

‘I tried to come up with an accessible pricing system without falling into the trend of small artists/designers undercharging for their work, so now you can choose how much you pay for each product’.

Customers can choose how much they would like to pay to support Lenh in their artistic pursuit, ‘because you deserve nice things also if you get screwed over by capitalism’.

So go why not peruse some of the images below and see if something tickles your fancy?

shop on the creator’s website

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