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Eli Rezkallah
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August 23, 2021
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‘In A Parallel Universe’: Eli Rezkallah Will Not Let Sexist Advertising Slide

‘In a parallel universe’ is a photography series by Eli Rezkallah that sheds light on the casual sexism of old school advertising.

By recreating these scenes with a twist, the New York-based Lebanese artist sparks a conversation about outdated gender roles in a humorous way. As the photographer puts it:

‘Last thanksgiving, I overheard my uncles talk about how women are better off cooking, taking care of the kitchen, and fulfilling ‘their womanly duties’. Although I know that not all men think that way I was surprised to learn that some still do, so I went on to imagine a parallel universe, where roles are inverted and men are given a taste of their own sexist poison’.

Eli Rezkallah is a photographer, video director and visual artist. He launched his own creative studio in 2007. In 2009, he created Middle East’s first visual publication in 2009, Plastik Magazine.

Discover some photos of his parallel universe series just below!

Photo credits: Eli Rezkallah


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