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December 22, 2021
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Immerse Yourself In Gideon’s (Queer) World Of Beeswax Sculptures

Today, we are dipping a little more in the art side of queer projects, with Gideon’s hyper detailed beeswax sculptures.

Gideon Horvath is a German-born, Hungary-based interdisciplinary visual artist and talented sculptor. He works with multiple support, like videos, installations and photos. And, well, he also happens to be gay.

As a fellow member of the queer community, he focuses on queerness in a large part of his work. Namely, his installations often question society’s imposed heteronormativity. As such, his work is of crucial importance, especially considering the recent political climate in Hungary.

Gideon also points out that art is a good way to address these issues, because it does not require prior academic knowledge, or psycho-sociological backgrounds (The Calvert Journal, March 2021). Art, instead, allows you to emotionally connect with these issues. This enables anyone to connect with his work on some level.  

On top of queerness, he is also extremely interested in ecology - more specifically, queer ecology. A large part of his most recent work explores this concept, addressing the heteronormative and binary view we have of nature, forcing it to match society’s heteronormative gaze. He also aims to deconstruct judgements of queer people being ‘unnatural’, arguing that nature is, in itself, wild, irrational and deviant (The Calvert Journal, March 2021).

In one of his recent exhibitions, Gideon focuses on issues internal to the queer community; namely, the ‘masc4masc’ philosophy often found on gay dating apps. This expression is used by masculine looking gay men looking for other masculine looking gay men, and it is often accompanied by negative judgments on more feminine looking gay men or on trans men. This is rooted in sexism and transphobia, as Gideon points out, and it reinforces hetero stereotypes and roles. And Gideon is having none of it: queer spaces should be safe spaces, period.

Browse down below to see elements of his masc4masc exhibition, as well as sculptures questioning society’s heteronormativity!


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