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September 25, 2021
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Get Lost In Star Plasma's Incredible Sky Sceneries

Let us be honest for a minute: we all have anxiety issues (I mean how could we not amidst global warming, capitalism and a pandemic). So here is a solution for you: Star Plasma’s soothing sky paintings.

Star Plasma paints the feelings that only an artist’s brain could put on paper. In their expert hands, the skies become a canvas where we can project each and every emotion we have been holding in. And most importantly, we can absorb a little of the serenity her paintings seem to transmit.

But there is nothing like the sky collection Star Plasma added for Pride month a while back. Because, who does not enjoy a rainbow in the sky? And a sky filled to the brim with rainbows, well that is even better. If you have not seen their gorgeous bisexual sky paintings, now is your cue to do so. It is, after all, bi visibility month!

Each of their Instagram posts brings not only its beauty, but also a little tidbit of information on how the painting was made.

‘I spilled coffee on myself today (...) this is what I painted after’ (ok, no need to flex like that).

Inspiration for these landscapes can be sparked by anything, a bad day, a good day, reddit… which is probably a bit of both.

With an entire store to pick from, we can only say Star Plasma’s prints can translate on any medium and we want them all. Go have a look at them, we promise you it is worth it!

Image credits: Star Plasma

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