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October 7, 2021
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Feminism will never die, Liberal Jane will make sure of that

The thing about Liberal Jane is, you could put her art on a billboard, put it on your phone, buy it on a sticker, and it would work. The message of her art never wavers away from a highlight of the best bits of daily wisdom.

Whether it be an edgy cowgirl proclaiming a woman’s right to choose, a fairy skeleton proclaiming feminism will never die or just a fire extinguisher, extinguishing transphobia, her designs are always clever and funny. It’s the kind of art that makes us want to share it with our friends because they are a beautiful way to share a message. 

Based in Virginia, Jane can always come up with a poignant image to talk about the issues that affect us right as they are getting recognition. And she doesn’t surf on that recognition for anything. Instead, she always gives back, and organises campaign upon campaign to use her work for the better. Her “art that gives back” series is constantly updated and always sending 100% of its profits to the cause depicted. 

If you’d like to give back to the campaign currently going on, it benefits the national organization of sisters of color ending sexual assaults. And you can still get prints!

Image credits: Liberal Jane

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