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November 10, 2021
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Feel The Warm Embrace Of Kevanté A.C. Cash’s Feminist Poetry

Ah, poetry… such a wonderful tool of expression! It can convey love, resilience, acceptance, anger, hope, fear, joy, pain and healing. It has always been an integral part of human oral and written traditions and we just have a soft spot for it.

So today, let us introduce you to the marvellous Kevanté A.C. Cash. They are an afro-bahamian creative writer and arts journalist from Nassau, Bahamas. They are currently based in Manchester, England to pursue a master in creative writing and poetry. An afro-feminist, they make their activism an integral part of their work. Indeed, their poems and thinking are nurtured by their critical approach to society's sexism and racism.

A believer in ‘unfuckwithable joy as resistance’, they prioritize pleasure as an act of resistance. They also discuss gender and sexuality, juxtaposed to their religious upbringing and use their writing to uplift the voices of the marginalised communities

You may remember one of the latest projects we featured, blackwomenareworthy (link). Well, Kevanté took part in the movement as well: they wrote a poem called ‘a love letter to the body’, to celebrate black women’s bodies. We added it here for you, but you can also read it on blaclwomenareworthy’s website to have the whole context.

a love letter to the body

you resurrect yourself each morning,

and shake the dirt off your spine.

with each stretch, you lend your heart

the freedom to expand.

you reach down to greet your toes

with the reminder they pilot your feet;

and wherever they should take you,

on this journey, you are willing.

you make grace with the pick

that pulls the thick coils on your head;

and cleanse your flesh with the lather

that gathers to worship it.

you take time to find the garments

that hide your broken frame;

and paint the features resting

on your sacred, seared skin.

and this is why I love you,

you elegant cage.

You can also have a look at some of their other poems right down below!


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