Love Bombing Silvia Levenson
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Silvia Levenson
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July 1, 2021
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Exploring Love Bombing Through Art

Have you heard of love bombing?

It is a practice often used by abusers at the beginning of a relationship. They shower their partner with an overwhelming amount of affection that quickly turns into emotional manipulation. Gifts, flattery and sweet declarations of love charm their victim to the point they will not notice the red flags that come with the adoration.⁠

Silvia Levenson’s glass sculpture suggests love is an undetonated bomb. A pink grenade sits on a cake plate under an elegant dome. A beautiful presentation you could find in the kitchen where women belong, according to some. A commentary on domestic violence, the artwork illustrates the fragility of relationships and the false sense of safety we have at home where most violence against women happens. ⁠


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