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⁠Tina Maria Elena Bak
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September 2, 2021
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⁠Discover Tina Maria Elena Bak’s Sensual Watercolor Paintings

Tina Maria Elena Bak is Danish-French artist based in Denmark, who specializes in sensual watercolors on paper.

A self-taught painter, she started working with erotic themes in 2015 and has never looked back. The lovemaking she depicts is soft, emotional and intimate: the flowing watercolors bring fluidity, serenity and harmony to the intertwined bodies. ⁠

Most of Tina Maria Elena’s work focuses on female pleasure, from a woman’s perspective. And we have to admit that seeing women depicted as subjects rather than objects in paintings is a refreshing change! However, she does not focus solely on women: ‘I want both men and women to feel desirable and love-worthy’, she says.

Browse the gallery down below to discover some of our favourites masterpieces!

Image credits: Tina Maria Elena Bak

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