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October 24, 2021
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Discover Jenifer Prince’s Lesbian Vintage Comics

Lesbian representation is a well-known issue. From no representation at all to representation through the heteronormative lens, we cannot really say that we have grown up with nurturing and inspiring lesbian representation.

This gap, however, is slowly reducing, thanks to people like Jenifer Prince. This visual artist and illustrator from Brazil works to give us incredible lesbian representation. She draws inspiration from 1940’s and 1950’s comics to create her own comics, representing sapphic love. Her work is also informed by pop culture references.

If you take one look at her drawings, you will be catapulted back to the 1950's. But better, because women loving women are celebrated instead of being shamed and punished.

‘When we think back to that time and what life was like for queer people, our first association is with the difficulties these people must have faced, and there are few stories from that time that we see with happy outcomes’, she explains (It’s Nice That, 2021).

Jenifer wants to celebrate the love, the life, the sexuality, the joys and the doubts of sapphic women.

‘I always wished to see lesbian stories and art when I was growing up, and the lack of that was what ultimately motivated me to illustrate my own’, she says (It’s Nice That, 2021).

This has led her to win the Official Poster of the San Francisco Dyke March in 2016. Ever since that, she has worked to inspire a real social change with her art. And we are grateful for this, because maybe younger generations of lesbians and sapphics will finally be able to identify with better models.

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