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December 19, 2021
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Discover Emily Orzel’ Sweet And Supportive Illustrations

If you are looking for sweet, beautiful and supportive illustrations you have come to the right place babes! Let us introduce you to Emily Orzel’s work.

This one is for the (over)sensitive ones, the misfits, the stressed out people, the folks with anxiety issues. Emily gets us. If you panic at the smallest inconvenience, if you are terrified of making mistakes and if you overthink everything, welcome to the club! We see you and we love you.

We know it can be tough and overwhelming - especially when you combine it with seasonal depression, cold and the absence of sun. Or the stress caused by big family reunions drawing near. Or, for those of you who are studying, the final exams. Life is stressful. You are legit. Take care of yourself and ask out for help if you feel the need to. It is okay. It will not make you a lesser person.

And well, for the rest, there are Emily's drawings. She loves to focus on ladies, random objects, pizzas and insecurities, and we love everything about it - it is kind of our top 4 obsessions, to be honest. Her illustrations are delicate, colorful and just overall very sweet. They are always supportive and encouraging, reminding us that we are precious, important and worthy.

Breathe. Take your time. Everyone goes at their own pace. You will get there once you are ready.

And Emily’s online shop could be reopening very soon if you want to get one of her goodies to remind you how important you are and how far little bubbles of happiness can go.

As always, scroll down below to discover some of her work and be reminded of what a beautiful human being you are!


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