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Aude Nasr
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February 13, 2022
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Discover Aude Nasr’s Incredible Queer Art

Aude Nasr is here to end with your week drowning in love and sweetness. This multifaceted artist is using photography and illustrations to bring attention to the voices of queer Arab people. An immersion in her dreamy world.

Aude Nasr is a Marseille-based multi-talented artist. She is specializing in photography and illustrations that translate the life, dreams and hopes of queer Arab people - a community that is sadly often silenced and overlooked, even within the queer community.

And well, the least we can say is that her work is incredible. There is something eerie, beautiful and touching in the way she is able to capture the reality of others. In her drawings, she uses contrasting nuances of blue and orange, which complement and bring out each other, to create a beautiful and unique final picture.

And what to say about her photography? Brightly colored, her multi-layered portraits convey the same touch of beauty and eeriness through her use of editing. She adds blurry, foamy movements and figures on top of her subjects - and the result leaves us speechless. We can only recommend you go experience it for yourself!

One of her projects that we particularly love is her illustrations of the ‘Queering The Map’ project. The principle is rather simple - and transparent: it allows queer people to anonymously pin a location on the map and add their own experience of the place. Where you had your first kiss, where you met the love of your life, where you understood who you are, where you met another queer people with whom you could be who you truly are, and so on.

The project’s goal is to archive queer experiences and to anchor them in the concrete world. It also works as a worldwide network, which allows you to discover the life and experiences of queer people from all around the world. This can bring as sense of community, even in places where it is harder to connect to the queer community.

Aude has decided to collaborate with the project and she is illustrating some of the messages left on the map. She especially focuses on the Arab world, drawing the realities of queer and Arab people through a non-white, non-Western eye. A very precious addition, in our humble opinion!

As always, browse down below to discover our carefully curated selection of her work. Enjoy!

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