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September 6, 2021
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David Sierra x KALTBLUT Magazine: A Dreamy Exploration Of The Present

David Sierra is a fashion photographer and video maker from Medellin, Colombia. His work explores masculinity and femininity in a post-binary context.

His project, ‘Conexión Esencial’, in collaboration with KALTBLUT Magazine, consists of an editorial and film exclusively made for the magazine. Here is the project’s description:

‘A man inquiring about his dreams. There he discovers elements around him, suggesting positive messages to think about how essential it is to be grateful with the present, with what you already have, your body, your talents, the planet with its plants and animals, the universe and all its magic’.

Quite intriguing, right? If you want to explore this project a little bit more, you can watch the video directly down below!

Photo credits: David Sierra

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