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November 22, 2021
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Cerys Is Bringing Back Zines For Our Greatest Pleasure

Zines, zines, zines, where has this magical art form gone? From the soviet palette tinted pages of dikfagazine, you should already know how much we appreciate the collage vibe of this punk rock form of communication.

Luckily not all zines are a thing of the past - or at least, of the distant past. Cerys, also known as ‘calamity_grrrl’ is here to bring them back through today’s equivalent of the hole in the wall counterculture hangout, tumblr. If riot grrrl came to embody a person, they would be the one in charge of this tumblr. From the radical memes against the patriarchy to the searing text posts about the state of late stage capitalism we could (and have) spent hours scrolling down this iconic page.

Nothing hits quite like a blog that takes the right things seriously and yet is not scared of poking fun at themselves or their creations. And, incidentally, is not scared of asking vampires to interact with their content. I think we can all agree we would like more vampires to interact with our content (now if only we could embed this at the top of our page).

And every so often, if you keep scrolling, much like the pearl in the middle of a delicious oyster, you will find Cerys amazing zines. Often produced in a spur of the moment kind of impulse and egged on by anger against the injustices of the world, these masterpieces just make us wish we could channel our own anger to make such beautiful art. These pages show the most gorgeous mix of the personal and the public rebellion. Frustrations with the way lesbians and other wlw are portrayed in the media never looked so good as they do when scribbled in sharpie and sandwiched in photocopied cut outs from ads in magazines.

Because sometimes we all wish we could channel our anger and invest it into painstakingly cutting out each letter of the message “I do not exist for your pleasure”, check out more of these colorful pages below!


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