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Laura Berger
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September 3, 2021
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Celebrating Women’s Bodies: Discover Laura Berger Dreamlike Paintings

Nude female figures painted with muted tones, lounging, touching or intertwined in a dreamlike fantasy: this is the signature style of Laura Berger.

The Chicago-based artist started using art as therapy after a series of traumatic events, and her inner life continues to inform her work. She is inspired by a multitude of things: travel, nature, symbols and rituals.⁠

Mostly working with acrylic, Laura started to experiment with oil paint during lockdown. On the topic of her iconic female figures, she says: ‘As a woman, I usually paint from that perspective point, but the figures are really meant mostly to serve as characters through which to explore our collective humanity and shared experience’.

Source: Colossal⁠

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