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June 29, 2021
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Breaking free from society’s expectations with Mary Zaleska

Do you have Pinterest boards filled with home design inspiration? Well we can make your dreams a reality!

Since we’re all spending all of this extra time in our homes, let’s make our walls look like those of our favourite influencers or social media feeds!

Posters & wall art are the perfect way to get started, what’s better than supporting your favourite artists while adorning your place with colourful statement pieces!

We fell in love with Mary Zaleska‘s illustrations, especially this design created for an LGBT+ activist organization titled “Why Do You Care?”. 

She asks here the age old question: “Why do you care what I have down there???” 
And her argument is simple & valid: “We all have the right to simply be who we want to be.”

So whether you want to make an artistic or opinionated statement, Mary Zaleska is your go-to illustrator! 

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