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January 29, 2022
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An Immersion In Vulnerability: Kako Antonio Dos Santos’ Photography

Sometimes, we all need something beautiful. Most of the time, we need something beautiful. But sometimes, beauty without explanation is much better. It is wrapped in a little bit of mystery that can spice up our lives. This is exactly what Kako Antonio Dos Santos brings to the table.

A certain swagger populates Kakos’s, also known as ‘caughtinbadbromance’, beautifully curated Instagram feed and the photos within it. From his amazing music projects transmitted through bits of incognito footage posted as stories or cinematic posts, to his amazing posed modeling photos.

You would think the aura of mystery that lives on Kako’s feed is what prompts our feature. Egged on by short descriptions full of nonsequiturs when compared to the image they are supposed to accompany. ‘Daydrunk into the night 🌙’,  “Piranha baby 🦈” (yes that is a shark and not a piranha, your eyes do not deceive you). But, in reality caughtinabadromance as a concept is much more of an exercise in reading between the lines.

When you move past the obtuse angles of approach, the thirst traps, the seemingly banal captions and the almost hyper swagger of the pictures, you are in fact left with a very intimate portrayal of Kako’s life.

Sure, it is intimate in the… biblical sense - what is Instagram, if not a repository for tasteful nudity. At the same time, though, the viewer is brought into the world of Kako’s friends, his pursuits, his art, each showing off the vulnerability this man is willing to embrace on this very public platform.

Model? Photographer? Singer? Actor? Kako is all of them at once, because while we may not be privy to the labels he embraces, we are invited into his vulnerability. Just explore the gallery down below to see what we are talking about!


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