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January 21, 2022
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An Immersion In Laura Mipsum’s Wonderful World Of Collages

At this point, you are probably well aware of our love for zines and collages - what can we say? We are only humans. And we hope you share our passion, because we are not anywhere near stopping talking about it.

Welcome to Laura Mipsum world: bad puns, music, queerness and art. What more could we ask for? Collages, we hear you saying? Well, of course there are collages involved!

Maybe there is a very serious reason as to why queer people love collages so much; maybe it is that, like collages, we tend to be chaotic, a sum of parts collected left and right, with parts of ourselves that we have discovered later on, but always a beautiful picture in the end. Maybe it is because we are trying to relive a part of our teenage years that we could not enjoy to their fullest?

Or maybe we are reading too much into that and we just love the 90s aesthetics. Who knows?

Anyway, browsing down Laura Mipsum’s Instagram account is a wonderful dive into this colorful, 90s aesthetic, with collages left and right. And, of course, always with a wonderful touch of humour. We are, as it happens, absolute fans of bad puns. We hope you will appreciate her work as much as we did.

To be very complete, we also must add that Laura is also a writer and one half of the musical duo ‘panic pocket’ - and we love the name! A very complete artist, then.

What about our usual selection of our favorite pieces? Browse down to discover our favorite collages by Laura!  What is there left to say? Nothing, maybe except ‘go gay’!

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