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December 12, 2021
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Alice Ferox Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Vaginoplasty

Physical changes and surgical operations can be scary if you do not have enough information. Thanks to Alice Ferox, this is slowly changing for vaginoplasties!

Alice Ferox is an artist and fantastic photographer. Her work is heavily informed by her experience as a queer, schizoaffective, non-binary, transgender woman. For instance, she modifies her photographs a lot to convey feelings and experiences, especially trauma and gender-bending. We cannot recommend you enough to go check her work. It is extraordinarily gripping!

Today, we wanted to focus on one specific aspect of her work: her vaginoplasty project. She has indeed written a complete informative guide to help you understand what a vaginoplasty can mean, and how the healing process takes place.

Of course, she makes it pretty clear that she is not a doctor and that her experience is not universal. Rather, she is sharing what it was like for her; which surgeon did she go to, how are her scars, what was the healing process like and how her neovagina feels like.

In a world in which so little information is available on vaginoplasty and neovaginas, Alice’s resource can be life saving. You can follow her journey step by step, as she has compiled a detailed photography follow up of her vaginoplasty, from day 1 to day 100 (which you can access here, if it is something you feel will help you reassure you and understand the healing process more. But CW: it is close ups of Alice's vulva post operation; images display genitals, bruising and scars).  

She also has an FAQ section, in which she answers most commonly asked questions, like ‘What was the duration of your recovery (e.g., how long bed ridden, how long did it take to go back to work, etc.)?’ or ‘How painful was the dilation process? Did it ever improve or is it still uncomfortable?’. If you have another question that you wish to ask her, you can also write to her directly!

So, thank you Alice for your work! And do not forget to browse the gallery down below to discover some of her photographs!


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