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January 15, 2022
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AdeY Is Photographing The Human Body In Its Naked Truth

The human body is an incredible thing, if you think about it. It is capable of so many things and it comes in so many different shapes and sizes. Today, we are looking at it through AdeY’s camera lens. Be ready for a mind-blowing photographic experience!

AdeY’s art story starts at a duty free shop. Looking around at the perfumes, they noticed how sexualized women’s bodies were (Vice, July 2020). This very observation created the want, in them, to show the human body as it was and to celebrate it without oversexualizing it.

Which is exactly what this great British and Swedish photographer is doing. AdeY uses their background in performance, dance and choreography to show naked human bodies in all the beauty and complexity of movements. Bending, in balance, arching, kissing, holding. The result is captivating, giving off a feeling of power and bareness!

AdeY is also paying particular attention to show diversity in their work, seeking to ‘create a non-sexualised and open-minded representation of humankind, which is based on a dream of acceptance’ (

The photographer’s work is about highlighting the whole human experience, showing moments of strength and vulnerability, isolation and hope, loneliness and connection.

On a more practical level, AdeY’s work is also about showing that there is nothing sexual in nudity, despite Instagram’s censorship. Indeed, the artist's account has been deleted about 9 times in a span of 18 months (Vice, July 2020). Thanks Instagram!

NB: the artist has written a letter to Instagram about this, pointing out how its censorship affects artists’ work, if you are interested!

To draw attention and fight back against this issue, AdeY has recently published a photo-book called ‘UNCENSORED’ (clever, right?). If you live in Los Angeles, then lucky you: you have the opportunity to admire this photo series at Galerie XII!

And if not, do not worry: you can still admire some of AdeY’s work right down below - here is a little selection of our favorite photographs:


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