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January 2, 2022
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Adam JK Is Making (Not Too) Positive Merch With A Dark Twist

There will always be a special spot in our hearts for quirky, funny and queer accessories and other merch from small businesses. And not to spoil you, but the description exactly matches Adam’s work.

Not so long ago, we were talking about Sulluyully’s punk (link) and queer denim patches and how great they were - and, to be honest, how much we loved the HR rep, who was no other than the family’s cat. Well, today, we lean more towards the pins’ department.

Adam Jason Kurtz is a Canadian designer, artist, and speaker, who has since then moved to Honolulu with his husband - which kind of sounds like the dream life, if you ask us. His philosophy is to encourage expression, self-expression and creativity. His goal? To make you feel better about yourself, the world, and creativity.

To this end, he is crafting funny, colorful and humorous products, like tote bags, stationery, prints and apparel. All his products carry funny messages with a little bit of dark humour, but never to degrade or belittle people.

For instance, his prints have messages such as ‘Good things happen. Love is real. We will be okay’, ‘You are here *for now’, ‘We are all just beams of light comprised of infinite color’. All in all, a supportive, a little bit naive vibe, which addresses existential crises with humour and love.

And, as we mentioned earlier, we fell for his pins - and we fell hard. They are beautiful, colorful, funny, and a fantastic way to express yourself. It is also a very nice accessory and a great gift idea for Christmas - or for any other occasion. We have selected some of our favorites down below, so do not hesitate to browse down!

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