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September 17, 2021
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A Sneak Peek At Ryan Rudewicz’s Famous Polaroid Challenge

Ryan Rudewicz gave himself a challenge: take one polaroid a day. And then, he did it better than anyone has ever done it before.

Scrolling down his account kind of feels like opening those snapchats your friend randomly sends you. It makes you jealous and inspires you at the same time. Casual expressions of queerness pepper his series as they pepper the city and probably his life, which seems oh so fabulous.

His latest series at the iconic Bushwig festival celebrates Drag, Music and Love and, again, it makes us want to adopt the vintage, New York, queer style that marks every one of those polaroids.

Ryan captured all the beauty of the last round of the Bushwig festival, a staple of Brooklyn as well as of drag queer performance and music founded by Horrorchata and Babes Trust in 2012. This legendary event definitely came back with a bang after two years of COVID. With a line up ranging from TikTokers like Brittany Bronski to the iconic drag queen Olivia Lux, the event was brimming with over the top celebrations! Yet, Ryan manages to give us a glimpse of the simplicity of the moment and his own enjoyment.

Have a look at his polaroids down below!

Photo credits: Ryan Rudewicz

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