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February 6, 2022
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A Deep Dive In Wojciech Wos’ Painting Diary

We are ending the week with a treat for the eyes. Follow us as we dive deep into Wojciech Wos’s work and his love for painting boys.

Wojciech Wos is offering up his diary of experiences through paintings and we are avid readers. His techniques could seem very classic at first glance. The Berlin based artist’s use of acrylics is really the oldest technique in the book. However, the subject matter for his painting is anything but. After all, the acrylics allow Wojciech to show us scenes of mundane life that are often disregarded by the powers that be.

A banale painting of someone’s socks can just make you think of so many scenes, good or bad, funny or sad. The artist’s imagination sparks our own to run wild. And this is to mention only one scene among many. From the seemingly random, often sensuous, and always revealing paintings, Wojciech’s blue tinted pieces provide a dreamy, almost gloomy vision of everyday life.

Take a look at the disembodied parts, the weary stares, the blank poses. They ask more questions than they answer. They are almost like having a direct look into the human soul, without a map or a clue as to how to read it. Nudity in his paintings is, if anything incidental, a byproduct of baring one’s soul to some stranger across a coat of paint.

The sad vibes are not for nothing. The German-Polish painter wants to get through the classic painting style and revolutionize it to include the deepest desires of his subjects and often those he holds himself. His interest in representing the human form in angles it usually keeps hidden, leads him not only to new visual angles but metaphorical ones as well. Male vulnerability, male openness or transparency, the low points of existence we all experience. Nothing is beyond the scope of this brilliant artist.

See for yourself down below!


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