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August 16, 2023
Here And Queer
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Every Body: Intersex People Made Visible by Julie Cohen

Julie Cohen brilliantly shines the light on the fight intersex people wake up to every morning of their life. Fighting for their identity to be recognized and not systemically erased by either the medical and scientific field, but also by the law, the director offers a moving tribute to all intersex people, all while confirming that the fight remains a current issue.

Gender reveal parties, baby showers, and nursery decorations may seem idyllic to some people, symbolizing the anticipation of a new life. Yet, beneath the surface, these events revolve around speculating on the baby's gender, especially in Western culture. When faced with intersex infants, the reflex for most doctors and families is to try and "fix" them, most of the time with gender-affirming surgery. 

But let's reconsider from the baby’s perspective. Is it right to intervene in a being's body and identity without their consent? To completely influence their future by making a medical decision?

These are the kind of questions Julie Cohen answers in her new documentary Every body. The movie is an eye-opening documentary that delves deep into the lives and struggles of intersex individuals, shedding light on their relentless fight for legal recognition and their battle against intersex surgeries.

"This documentary celebrates the resilience and achievements of the wonderful activists who are fighting for our fundamental human rights as intersex people. It also allows non-intersex people to grasp the full extent of the discrimination we face and the absurdity of the situation." - Deborah Abate, Head of BØWIE Incubator Programme

Through intimate personal narratives, Every Body captures the diverse experiences of intersex people, offering a poignant look into the challenges they face while navigating a world that often misunderstands and marginalizes them. As these individuals share their personal stories and day-to-day battles, viewers gain an intimate understanding of the physical, emotional, and toll that non-consensual surgeries can have on intersex lives.

This film takes its audiences on an emotional journey, exploring the complexities of gender identity and the urgent need for societal acceptance. Every Body brings up the broader social and ethical questions surrounding intersexuality, sparking conversations about bodily autonomy, identity, the paradox of gender reassignment surgery, and the importance of embracing the rich diversity of human experiences.

Everybody is a powerful hug-like film. By amplifying the voices of intersex individuals and shedding light on their fight for justice, this documentary aims to ignite meaningful dialogue, foster empathy, and contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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