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December 26, 2021
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‘Breaking Fast’ Is The Gay Romcom You Need For The Holidays

Welcome to Sweet Movie Saturday. Is this a thing? If not, it should be. You know the drill, this is a new movie recommendation. Did someone say cheesy? Hell yes.

We know we left you on a bitter note this week with our movie recommendation on Jonathan Agassi. It is a good and interesting movie, but perhaps not the best to put you in a Christmassy mood. So, here is a feel-good romcom that might do just that: ‘Breaking Fast’.

Think classic romcom scenario: girl meets boy, they like each other but there is some kind of obstacle they have to overcome - cultural differences, professional issues, one is already married, that kind of thing. Well, here it is the same, but with a little twist: much to our liking, this is a gay romcom.

‘Breaking Fast’ (2020), directed by Mike Mosallam, is boy meets boy, they like each other, but they come from very different backgrounds. Namely, in West Hollywood, Mo, a practising muslim meets Kal, who is very American. Mo is trying to get back on his feet after a breakup, and Kal offers him to break fast with him during the Ramadan month.

Night after night, they meet and they quickly develop a liking for each other. But as their relationship evolves, an obstacle arises: Kal must be accepted by Mo’s traditional family.

But do not worry! This is not a movie about conflict, inner turmoil or rejection. Instead, the movie aims to be one of the first to portray a gay, practicing Muslim leading a happy and harmonious life, instead of picturing them in turmoil. And we are loving it!

Here is what the director has to say about it:

‘My intention is to tell a story that speaks to the nuances of daily life and treats identity: religious, sexual, gender and otherwise, as harmonious lenses by which individuals interact with the world.’ (Mike Mosallam,

We will leave you with the trailer, so you can judge for yourself:


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