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Feel Good
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July 9, 2021
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Feel Good, the lesbian comedy-drama Netflix serie

Looking for a queer feel-good series to get you through the end of the week or something to look forward to this weekend? Well look no further as Feel Good is exactly what you are looking for!

Mae Martin reveals herself in a beautifully comedic and romantic way through Feel Good, making us fall in love not only with the show but with her and everything her relationships represent!

The humour and relatability of the show definitely come from the fact that it was all inspired by Mae’s life, making you feel like you are living it yourself, and these days we could not be happier to go to a party even if you’re socialising vicariously through others!

By baring her soul you get more and more invested with each episode, each character, each smile and each battle, everything is felt so deeply because it’s almost like you’ve experienced it already.

Unsurprisingly this show truly makes you Feel Good in the most surprising and comforting way!

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