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May 14, 2022
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See You Then will make you want to catch up with your ex

Two high school sweethearts reunite after more than ten silent years, and there is plenty to unpack.

See You Then marks Mari Walker’s directorial debut and a new important feature for trans representation in front and behind the camera. Its prompt is also very exciting, as much as it is curious: Two exes, Kris and Naomi, reconnect over drinks after a dozen years apart. An opportunity to go over old wounds and see how much they grew and changed.

Very character and dialogue-driven, See You Then needed a strong cast to make it work. And made it work, they certainly did, with a 1st class cast that both delivered incredible performances. With Lynn Chen from the iconic lesbian movie Saving Face by Alice Wu and Pooya Mohseni, the Iranian-American artist and trans activist, the emotions are there.

Through a dialogue that effortlessly flows despite the difficult topics tackled, Kris and Naomi go over the past years they have spent apart, and how much things changed. Kris transitioned in the last year while Naomi got married and became a mother of two.

As the conversation progresses, complex emotions are emerging. We soon understand there is a lot more to be said, including why Kris left Naomi so abruptly years ago. An opportunity to close some wounds and get closure, the discussion becomes a turning point in their evolution.

Despite the difficult subjects See You Then goes through, it manages to do so delicately yet passionately. The characters allow themselves to be vulnerable, adding emotional layers to the film. Don’t let yourself be tempted though, as the movie may push you to reach out to your ex…


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