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April 23, 2022
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Unfolding trauma and making love with Cicada

Not every queer movie has to be light and happy. Discussing traumas that are really frequent in the community is a necessity, and it is done correctly with Matthew Fifer’s new movie, Cicada.

A bookshop in Brooklyn, New York. Another hookup for Cicada’s main character, Ben. Yet this time is not like the many others. With Sam, Ben progressively builds a meaningful relationship leading both of them to the healing path.

Partly autobiographical, Cicada emerges from Matthew Fifer’s personal experience. The co-director portrays Ben himself, while Sheldon D. Brown, Sam’s actor, also put part of himself into the writing process. The result is an honest portrayal of the trauma two young queer men suffer from.

Ben is a shy and socially awkward office worker and apartment painter. Since he came out as bisexual, he has been running away from his personal issues through several meaningless hookups that never manage to fill the void. Sam, the confident data-technology expert, is not to be outdone, as he hasn’t managed to come out to his colleagues and family yet.

Set in 2013, the movie beautifully intertwines the lives of these two young queer men at different stages of self-acceptance. Both dealing with the trauma of really difficult events, Ben being abused as a child and Sam being shot in the streets some years before, they form an intense relationship that helps them heal those wounds.

Those heavy themes are lightened by some comedic relief cameos, notably Cobie Smulders from How I met your mother playing Ben’s blunt therapist. Beautiful poetic shots of New York City also make a much-needed pause from those hard topics.

Also navigating through interracial dating, sex addiction, and the closet, Cicada is an agile piece of art that shouldn’t be overlooked. Scroll down below to discover the trailer.


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