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December 7, 2021
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‘Kiss Me Before It Blows Up’: An Hilarious Lesbian Comedy

Guess who’s back? Yes, us, with movie recommendations! We hope you are not tired of them because we have like a thousand more. Today, we are heading to comedy land with ‘Kiss Me Before It Blows Up’.

‘Kiss Me Before It Blows Up’, released in German theaters under the name ‘Kiss Me Kosher’ in September 2020 is a lesbian love story. Directed by Shirel Peleg, it tells the story of Shira, a young Israeli woman, and Maria, a German biologist.

As the two of them fall in love and plan to get married, they fly to Israel to move into Shira's apartment. But Maria must first meet with Shira’s family and, in particular, her grandmother, who seems a little… resistant to the idea of her favorite grandchild marrying a German woman instead of a nice Jewish woman. And things get even more complicated when Maria’s parents come from Germany for the wedding!

Can love really conquer all? Will Shira and Maria be able to make their love last, despite the weight of the past and their cultural differences? Is this movie going to become one of our favorites?

‘Kiss Me Before It Blows Up’ is a funny, touching and clever comedy on love, family and conflicts. It is Shirel’s first full length movie and it carries a little bit of her own personal story, as she moved from Israel to Germany to follow her partner (Filmportal, December 2021). Definitely a director to follow for the future!

‘Kiss Me Before It Blows Up’ might not be a Christmas movie, but it has definitely the potential to become your go-to queer romance comedy of the year!

Enough talking, we will leave you with the trailer. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think of the movie! We are always happy to hear your feedback on Instagram.


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