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September 21, 2023
Here And Queer
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Tessa Testicle: The Lip Sync Assassin of Drag Race Germany

We made our way to Zurich's vibrant WunderBox Club for an exclusive pre-Drag Race Germany episode interview with the fabulous Tessa Testicle and Ivy Monteiro. Hosted by the sensational The Ginger Lash, brace yourself for a sizzling dose of queer excellence and gossip!

In the Wunderbox Club, Tessa Testicle, Ivy Monteiroand The Ginger Lash took place in front of the audience to have a little chit chat about the new episode of Drag Race Germany.

The Ginger Lash : Where did you two first meet? Tessa, what was your first impression of Ivy?

Tessa: When we talk the first at the Kweer Ball I remember I came up to you, and I told you « I love everything you do, I follow you on Instagram, I’m Tessa Testicle», and she said «ah». And then we met again and there she was like « oh, she's a problem ». I said «I sure am». And now I'm on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The Ginger Lash : Germany, You are on Drag Race Germany… Now Ivy, you're from the ballroom scene, you are actually a pioneer for ballroom in Switzerland. If we ever see someone from ballroom win an international season of Drag Race, would you consider going?

Ivy: I don't know if I commit to drag as much as Tessa do. I do drag but for me to commit would take a lot of my mental space. I like to use my creativity for other things in different stages. If y'all don't know, I'm also a performing artist, and so because I produce and I write and I do all of this, I don’t really have that much time for drag. Drag is intense, bitch. But then again, if there is an opportunity and I know that I have a good network to get all the costumes, all the support, and everything that I would need and I feel like this is the right time, then I might.

Tessa: Also, Queens like you don't need drag race. You're doing so great in the ballroom scene! House of Saint Laurent just holding it down for the ballroom girlies in Switzerland, pioneering ballroom in Switzerland. She's good!

The Ginger Lash : Tessa, you had to lip-sync for your life in this episode, and you dropped a phenomenal jump-split. Is it even a legal move?

Tessa: Actually, if anyone remember, the was a reference to Tandi Iman Dupree. You’ve probably seen the video of her dropping from the ceiling into a split on that very same song.

I actually took a huge risk doing that because we usually cannot go off-stage, you’d get instantly eliminated.

So I took that gamble and I took that risk and I jumped off the stage fully knowing this might eliminate me OR these bitches might be smart and know that I'm referencing something very important and iconic in Queer history. Off camera, I asked Barbie «did you know what I was doing ?». She said «yes obviously» and so it was all good and fun.

The Ginger Lash : So in the workroom after you really look plucked. Did you think you would be lip-syncing? And if you didn't, who did you think was in the bottom?

Tessa : Ok, full-tea. When they announced that Tessa would be either top or bottom, look closely at my face because I was cackling like a kid because Metamorkid thought that she would be in the bottom and I thought that I was in the top. And then the critiques they said «Tessa, you were the best one out of the three. You did what needed to be done and your look is tight. Your look was cute and your performance was cute. Now we need to see your lip-sync to fucking Holding Out For A Hero ». Now thank god, this song is probably the one I like to perform the most, but I was genuinely surprised I even had to. So I went all-in, did my little split, and it was great.

Image by Elay Leuthold