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Rhael Mcgregor
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October 20, 2021
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Love, Vampire, Monster Hunter and Lesbianism: Watch Dracudate

Yes, we may have a soft spot for fantastic creatures, what can we say? So, add a cute lesbian love story involving a young trans vampire and it is a dream come true.

A student of Seneca College in Toronto, Rhael Mcgregor surrounded themselves with other incredibly talented artists to prove us with this beauty: Dracudate.

Dracudate is an animated short-film centered on the character of Lilith, a young trans vampire. We get to live an important day in her life; her first date with her crush, Lou, a very cute young girl. The date, however, is a little bit derailed when Lilith runs into a monster hunter who decides to start chasing her. Can Lilith and Lou fall in love, as they run to escape the monster hunter? Are Lilith and Lou more similar than Lilith would have thought?

Immerse yourself in the cute, graphic and pinkish universe of Rhael’s team to discover what will happen to our favorite vampire. As a special treat for you, the film  is available just down below. What are you waiting for? Just play it already!

PS: the film has been presented in the student competition of the 2021 Ottawa International Animation Festival. So, yes, it is that good.

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