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Natasza Parzymies
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August 24, 2021
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‘Kontrola’: the Lesbian Web Series that has over 40M views

‘Kontrola’ is a Polish mini web series on lesbian love. Created by young filmmaker Natasza Parzymies, it focuses on the relationship between two former lovers, Natalia and Majka, who reconnect after a few years.

The series had immediate success, reaching 22M views for the first two and half minutes episode. In total, the lesbian love story has racked up over 40M views! The number of views is even more impressive once you learn that the series has been started as a project for film school. But, as Natasza, says: ‘Good love stories with chemistry on screen is something we all enjoy watching’.

And my oh my, do we love watching this love story! Especially considering the political context of Poland, who has become more and more hostile towards the LGBTQIA+ community in recent years. According to ILGA-Europe, LGBTQIA+ rights in Poland are catastrophic and amongst the worst in Europe. We can only hope acts of resistance such as Natasza’s ‘Kontrola’ will contribute to make Poland a safer place.

‘Kontrola’ is available (with English subtitles) on Natasza’s YouTube channel. If you are curious to see what the fuss is about, you can check the first episode down below!

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