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November 14, 2021
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‘Miguel’s War’ Explores What It Is Like To Be A Lebanese Gay Man

Aaand we are back with the movie recommendations. Feeling like watching something moving, inspiring, sometimes harsh, but most of all eye-opening? We got you.

‘Miguel’s War’ is a documentary inspired by real events. Directed by young and promising Lebanese director Eliane Raheb, it follows the true story of Miguel, his hopes, dreams, failings and successes.

Born in Lebanon as a gay man to strict and controlling parents, Miguel is confronted to the horror of the war early in life. Forced to fight, he finally flees to Spain. And, oh my. What a dream. In Spain, he can finally, finally, be himself. Flamboyantly, unequivocally, gayly himself, breaking all taboos.

But when he finally comes back to Lebanon, things get complicated all over again. How will Miguel cope with this return? Watch this touching documentary, mixing re-enactments, animation, collages, interviews and archive material that exposes Miguel’s old traumas, with the hope of catharsis…

We will say nothing more, just watch the trailer down below!

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