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Mykki Blanco and i-D
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May 21, 2021
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Out Of This World: i-D meets Mykki Blanco

Discover a new side to queerness by travelling to a new world designed by Mykki Blanco, highlighting the new source of vibrant South African LGBTQ+ colours.

This beautifully shot documentary depicts in the most optimistic way how the queer and feminist community fights for their right to exist through their art. 

To see them shaping themselves, but also the South African community through everything from more traditional mediums such as art and dance to digital media truly inspires all of us to create the future that we want to see.

In Mykki Blanco’s words, we “never see straight people at a table ever having this conversation” which is why bringing up the topic of identity politics through featuring transgender models and fashion while managing to show diversity is so refreshingly stunning.

Nothing compares to this half an hour, making you feel truly transformed and reminded of your own worth.

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